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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

Lamp Work Glass Focal Bead Known as a Viking Bead c Extraordinary Cane Work


This bead is really exceptional. If you are a collector and know about Lamp Work techniques, it may catch your eye. The Vikings were known for being able to make glass cane to use in their beads. I believe these were made in Java.Here is a warning.. As with pelangi beads, mosaic beads are often given a matte, rustic finish to create the appearance of age, as shown in the beads offered here.. Unfortunately, many contemporary mosaic (and pelangi) beads are subjected to great surface abuse and then fraudulently sold as antique beads. So, these are not antique, but I have been collecting beads for nearly 40 years and I find these exceptional and fascinating, and definitely great for men to wear who love beads... This one is quite large.. 23 mm. The hole is about 5 mm...So I filled it with two sterling silver saucer beads and a touch of copper...And set it onto a black cord with two sliding knots..Special.

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