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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

Lamp Work Key Ring With Yellow Pouch.


It came to me that for those who love my work, but really don't wear pendants, the answer is to put the bead in their hands, attached perhaps to the most important item in their daily lives. The Key. Key is small but very big word anyway, meaning more than just a physical one! But Imagine this as a house key. I meant it is fine on a car key or fob, but a house key? I'm told that houses these days are often opened with just a fob and code. Well. That's just the place too, to carry a small piece of art, signed and presented in a nice little cushioned pouch that might even make finding that key easier, instead of the deep fumbling through the stuff at the bottom of a purse..And of course, talking about purses, this bead could be happily attached there! Oh the little bead cap here is exquisite.

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