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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

Lewis and Clarke Murano Trade Bead. Genuine, 1815. Rare


This is definitely one of the first necklaces I ever made. That would have been round about 1975. I have taken it with me since then to many countries and treasured it but I must start letting go of my own collection.. If I should suddenly leave this life, who will know what my collection means?? (No I'm not sick..!) The bead was made in the very early 1800s and these beads are known as "Lewis and Clark" beads. It's just a name...I cannot swear these were the particular style of beads the two took with them! After all, they departed on their great adventure in 1804. However, these beads have soared in value and are are becoming difficult to find and very collectable. Look closely at the workmanship and remember, those bead makers in Murano did not have the equipment we have today to work their glass. The Goldstone dates the beads too.. it only came into use in glass production in Murano in the very early 1800s which makes this bead really wonderful, to be treasured. This simple necklace is unique and original. The necklace is 24 inches long and has no clasp. Great for someone who loves Historical Rendezvous perhaps? GREAT for a man...

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