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Sometimes I have to clear my work table because I'm going away or simply need the table for something else. This collection represents several of those occasions. I've left the collection just the way it came out of the bowl because I knew that if  looked too closely I would start "rescuing" some of the best ones! It really is a diverse collection and a rare opportunity for anyone getting into bead jewelry. There are even several hoops that will allow you to instantly wear some of the beads! If you need to know about any of them, send me a picture! ( Not too often though!) 

Oh and My MYSTERY BOXES are getting wonderful because I am sorting treasures to  put into them.You might want to consider either trying one of the boxes, or subscribing. Here's a quote from someone this morning about the box she just received. "

Very happy with the garnet earrings that were included. Match perfectly a necklace of garnet and gold that I made probably 12 years ago for my Mom."


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