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Magical Mystery Box


Hey ho here we go! I'm happy to tell you that the first people to receive the boxes are dead chuffed as we say in England, meaning yes, appreciation and repeats being the operative words. The box is now one of those little PO ones that don't mind how full they are as long as they close, so it's busy time. If you love beads and what I do with them, try one.. they will make boss prezzies for bead jewelry makers of all ages. There, that's enough encouragement for now. Quote from Andrea Knickerbocker who was our first regular Magic Box Subscriber. "Opening a mystery box is for me like exploring in my Grandmother's attic when I was little. One treasure after another to spark imagination. And I appreciate that the beads are not what I'd usually choose if left to my own devices. Opens up my mind to different color combinations and designs." There will always be either an article of mine culled from a magazine or some kind of encouraging info. Also, this is a representation of what a box might contain. Always a piece of my jewelry and one of my beads, not always set in silver, but ready for you to use in your designs. The crystal is always Swarovski. So, Here is the link and subscription

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