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Mexican Primitive Art Original Traditional Street Painting of Artists' Real Life.


I found these paintings in Guadalajara at the street market about twenty years ago.. and I have treasured them ever since. I am downscaling and so here we are... this original painting is extraordinary. It tells us the detail of the painter's life. The corn is high, the cactuses are about to give up their fruit, the adobe huts, the pumpkins ready to harvest, the river running by. When I lived there, there were so many birds that flew at different times of day, including the Ibis. Who knows what these are...! This is acrylic on some kind of particle board...The size of the picture is 12 x 10 inches.The signature is Rafael Aguirre...There is a famous painter by this name, but this is not him.! A treasure nevertheless... it has traveled many miles with me over the years too..