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Museum Reproduction of Merovingian Bead 400 AD

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When the Romans left Britain and Northern Europe, they left behind glass technology. Beads like this are excavated from monasteries and when I am in Normandy staying with friends in Le Treport, we sometimes visit friends from the Museum nearby who are excavating a monastery. The time frame is 400 AD and referred to as Merovingian because of a King so named at the time. Beads can be found, predominantly at Missionaries. I have been making reproductions of the beads found there for quite a few years now, because the local Museum at Berk Sur Mer asked my friends Frederic and Nadine to make repros for the museum store, and I would help. There is a very obscure and unavailable German book on the subject which I use these days as a guide. The bead is matte in order to be as correct as possible. It's not small...

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