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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

Necklace !8th Century Bohemian Pressed Glass And Sterling Silver


Bohemian Colodonte Beads - Antique African Beads, mainly found in Togo, These pressed Bohemian Glass beads are very hard to find these days, The red was made by including pure gold and of course are not made this way today. Recently, Cadmium was used in Red, Yellow and Orange glass production and has been discontinued because Cadmium is toxic. So when you see beads in this color and texture, and are a collector, get them! This necklace is made with 18 gauge Sterling Silver and of course the clasp works beautifully in this design. The beds are 14 x 15mm. I made it a long time ago and so i will do my best to keep the price reasonable. You have got to know that when Imade it, Silver was at about $18 an oz and last time I checked it was $30 and still potentially rising. Wow.

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