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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

Rainbow Collectable Lamp Work Bead Deststash by Jana Burnham


This is a subtle collectable bead. Jana Burnham was an early and perhaps the first President of the Glass Bead Society, before it ever became the ISGM. Here is an interesting article about early days. The International Bead Conference mentioned in the Article was marvelous. I gave two of the courses... Jana was one of the first bead makers and I bought this I think at the first Gathering in Prescott Arizona in 1993. It has been in my collection every since but now I am letting go of the beads, piece by piece because it is time. One day I will be gone and I don't want to leave behind a collection of beads that no-one knows the significance of... No, I am not ill, just getting on in years! This is a simple but beautifully made bead and I love it. I remember Jana demonstrating the use of gold leaf in bead making at that first meeting. Oh memories..

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