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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

Rare LampWork Glass Spacers


I am searching through the bead collection I have been adding to for 40 years. Now that I am an old lady, it's time to pass things on through Etsy. These are darling little glass lamp work disks. Look closely. They are clever and so sweet. I am always tempted to keep things like this to make special unique pieces of jewelry, but it's now up to you. I have several kinds of beads I've never seen any more similar and have researched these. Can't find any more. I suspect they were made by a playful glass worker way back in Murano. Not easy by the way. I can see at least two different constructions, techniques here. I've owned them for decades. So sweet..And the thing is, I'm ready to bet no one else has these. They are ones of a kind!

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