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Rare Lampwork Trade Bead Kilt or Shawl Pin


"I've just become aware of the use of these pins in the winter. This is made to hold a woolen shawl in place. It can also be a sweater pin or even look really good on a felt or crocheted hat. The Sterling Silver wire is just the right tension and the curve is to accommodate the thickness of a knit.
I've been collecting historic Trade beads for decades and this is a very special one. First because it is gently curved, and also because it is long and has been worked to a subtle taper. This had to have been done on a stone wheel or a moving band of grit ribbon. I would love to keep this one! But hey.. life goes on and I am at an age where divesting is wiser than collecting!
The pin has to be manipulated from the point end because if you simply try to open or close it in the same way you might with a safety pin, the bead will get in the way! It is so much more enjoyable in the hand than in a picture. This pin is 3 inches long and the wire is 14 gauge."
~ Kate

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