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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

Rare Unique Glass Slice Beads


I am searching through the bead collection I have been adding to for 40 years. Now that I am an old lady, it's time to pass things on through Etsy. These are darling little glass lamp work disks. Look closely. They are clever and so sweet. I am always tempted to keep things like this to make special unique pieces of jewelry, but it's now up to you. I have several kinds of beads I've never seen any more similar and have researched these. Can't find any more. I suspect they were made by a playful glass worker way back in Murano. Not easy by the way. A special discipline. They are strong but slim. Wish I had time in life to play more with these but I spend more time making my own beads.. I . I've owned them for decades. So sweet..And the thing is, I'm ready to bet no one else has these. They are ones of a kind!

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