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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

Roman Bottle Repro in Lamp Work Destash


Superb Lamp Work bead. A nod to little bottles only found in some of the best museums. Little bottles like this were made by Romans and were known as tear bottles. You can see them if you Google..This would have been a very special one indeed. Not two but four tin handles... Clever Kate Fowle Meleney made this decades ago. A true pioneer in refined glass work. A book was published of her working, "The enamel and electroform decorated beads of Kate Fowle Meleney" I have treasured her work , counted her as a friend and taken good care of the pieces I have., but the time has come for me to offer some of these beautiful pieces because I do not want to leave the planet one day and leave these in a box. They need to find new homes. A very collectable piece, It is in fact a bead, not a bottle. I can set it as a pendant for a small sum if you ask..Oh and the glass has been aged.. another talent.

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