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Sausalito Waterfront Print 5 Fireboat by KateDW


This is a little fireboat converted into a gnomish home on the Sausalito Waterfront. It was much much smaller than my houseboat, which was only 36 ft long! Those were the days, the late 1970s, even though we seemed to be at constant war with the inevitable Developers...We went from houseboat to houseboat in skiffs...lived our lives far from the sounds of traffic, rocking gently on the tides. Of course in the end, money won, to put it politely... and this life became a memory. The Sausalito Waterfront is now mostly lined with huge extremely unboatlike and very expensive condominium homes built on concrete barges... oh well, I'd better stop here...and be glad for the memories of those wonderful days, raising a little son in total unorthodoxy...and learning to draw while living there.
This is an 8 1\/2 x 11 inch print. Of course I will sign it!