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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

Sharon Lee Peters Cow With Bra Beads


This is such a collectable. Sharon Lee Peters is one of the first wave of lamp work bead makers. She has gone from strength to strength over the years since the early 1990s. Her wit and amazing production is legendary in our business. You can track down her present pieces by simply googling her. I bought this marvelous cow with bra in the early 90s. I am now having to send the work of various lamp work artists that I collected over the decades because I am reaching an age when letting go of treasures is wise. I can find a collar made with sparkling Swarovski crystals for extra cost, but otherwise, this is how this dear little cow came to me. Yes, a treasure and for those who care about the history of lamp work bead art in the USA, you might want to own her!

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