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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

Signed San Rafael Ferry Sausalito Waterfront Series2 Print by KateD-W


Here is a famous angle of the San Rafael, an old car ferry wallowing in the mud at low tide. Oh Wondrous Days! You can see the wooden ramp leading into her. a wonderful peace activist lived at the top. His name was Piro Caro...(Oh, do yourself a favor if any of this is of interest to you.. just to go Google and explore... you will find Piro there and if you Google "Waldo Point" you will learn more about our wonderful history, the dear and often very out there folks among whom I had the privilege to live for a few years.) In the meantime. back to the print. If you look carefully to the right, you will see a bit of the old OWL behind, (my next print...) off to the left is that famous Red Barge, Midnight TRO, where the local bands played and we danced... our night club, hangout for the children and goodness knows what else. The drawing was done at low tide. At the time I was close friends with "Larry the Telephone Man" who would come over after a particularly rough storm or low tide and re-connect our telephones for Ma Bell. He was fun. This is an 8.1\/2 x 11 inch print, signed and clearer that it shows here. I am not matting these, because I reckon those of you who will collect them will have a way of your own to present them... perhaps even in a folder. Again, this is history for those who are familiar with those days on the Sausalito Water Front. More to come over the next few days...

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