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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

Smock, Super Smock little birds


I found the first Artists smock in an art supply store in London about 20 years ago. I am having them made for you. Really wonderfully convenient for forgetful mums, painters and others who are a bit vague and love big pockets. This is easy clothing. I couldn't make it without mine and I have several! no closures, just slip it on. One size fits all. They may seem pricey, but the cloth is amazing, they are beautifully made. The pockets are reinforced . A top underneath in winter and nothing underneath in summer. Once you have owned one of these you will be buying more and indeed giving one to your mother or an artist friend! Oh and if you have a small child, you can keep everything in your pockets instead of trying to remember where you put the phone, keys or even a spare diaper! Length is 25 inches and one size fits all!

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