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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

Snake Bead Longer Glass Earrings 8mm Longer Black and White w/ Sterling French Hooks


Time for me to introduce you to my new Snake Bead Collection. I have been holding on to these magical and historic glass beads for many years and recently went into my attic to bring them out again. Preparing to use them in jewelry takes a lot of work. These larger beads, 8mm are younger than the 6 mm ones I already have on Etsy. Here’s a reference link .. They are manufactured in Czechoslovakia. There is a very very subtle difference to the size of each end of each bead so they have to be put together in the right direction. Please take care of your earrings and wear them with pride. I will write an article one of these days about my relationship with these beads and the African Traders I began buying them over the years. These beads may not always be absolutely perfect but they are as close as I can get to perfect! Sterling Silver French Hooks

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