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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

Sterling Silver Bead Styles in Diamond Cut Dangle Earrings by Kate Drew-Wilkinson No4.


I've collected different styles in Silver beads for years and here are some put together in a surprisingly light weight but elegant pair of earrings. For instance, the long drop shaped beads were made in an old bead factory in Attleborough, Massachusetts . I have been ordering their beads in different metals since the early 1960s. I made jewelry for the Nature Company in the past. They are now in the past too, but that was a fun and busy account in those days. I used to combine the silver with stone beads for them...anyway, Take a close look at how many different items go into each of into these earrings! (10) You can tell that the length is about two dimes!

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