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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

Sterling Silver Head pins 4 inch 18 gauge


I have been making my own head pins for over 20 years, predominantly the ones I use to make my pendants. 18 gauge half hard are very durable because we all want our pieces to be able to stand the Test of Time! About 18 years ago, and for several years ago,I used to be just about the only one making round tipped head pins in many sizes and gauges and marketing them...remember?? Then friends of mine jumped in to do the same and I stopped because I certainly didn't like doing it, but wanted folks to have them and now that is so! I am starting to offer the larger stronger ones, the ones I still make for myself. These are 4 inch 18 gauge, it is much easier to wind a head pin if it is long and the cut offs will ready to recycle. They are also good for making key rings.. I have seen some of mine in constant use for years, and holding up beautifully... good for making "Man " Presents!

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