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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

The Sausalito Waterfront Signed Print of the San Rafael Ferry with Pile Driver 1977 by Kate Drew-Wilkinson


This is a first. I have not put any of this series of prints up for sale since the early 1980 when they were sold, tinted and framed in a restaurant in Sausalito. In 1977 I lived on the Sausalito Waterfront in Marin County, California. At that time, my son Noah was 4 years old and I wanted us to live in an "Ark"... just for fun... The Sausalito Waterfront in those days was the perfect haven for the Hippie community who moved into the abandoned 2nd WW boats, originally left there to rot. There were LCVPs, (Landing Craft for Vehicular Personnel...} Sub Chasers, fire boats and above all, the old car ferries which carried vehicles from Marin to San Francisco every day while the Golden Gate Bridge was being built and before... They were magnificent and made wonderful homes for a variety of incredible and creative people. Did any of you ever hear of the "Red Legs"' a band featured in the film "Last Free Ride"? Oh I could go on, and probably will as I put out a fairly extensive collection of prints made from my drawings at that time. This is one of the more complicated drawings and stories. The Developers, "the enemy" who worked, ultimately successfully to claim this valuable waterfront property from the raggle-taggle angels like Noah and me and many many others, wanted to move a particularly obnoxious (to them) old barge out of the way so they could continue their nasty plans for more condominium-type water homes. At the dead of night, during a storm, and when the tide was super high, the waterfront lads towed this old Pile Driver, known as No 7... into place so that the red barge was stuck for many years afterwards, becoming our nightclub and dance floor, making much noise and much fun to the fury of the dreaded Developers... Yup we were definitely rebels in those days and I look back in fondness to all I saw and drew. So here we have the old warping rotting ferry called the San Raphael in the back ground, complete with it's big paddle wheel and funnel, and Pile Driver no 7 keeping the wolves at bay! The print is clearer than the photograph... it is 8 1/2 x 11 ins. Signed by me. This is history for those of us who were there.

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