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Tidy Up Bead Stash no1

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Right, let's have fun. I'm already offering my mystery boxes and the similar single pouches but I think we will both have fun with these clear bags full of all kinds of beads and findings. Take this one. What do I see here? A Sterling Silver clasp. A rainbow earring made with Sterling silver and antique glass snake beads.African Trade beads. Two marvelously vintage Venetian beads with turquoise glass centers and gold stone trails under the clear surface. Some Copper Hishi, a black Celluloid Deco bead.  A bead made from the Helmet Shells from the Bay of Bengal. One small Hubbell bead, in ivory and turquoise freckles.Some stone beads one nice shiny round Pewter bead.6 little hand made lamp work beads, a lovely slender rare pink banded Venetian bead. Of course the African trade beads were made in Murano many moons ago! This collection would augment the collections in my Mystery bags too.. Remember, I have been collection beads of over 40 years..Wow.

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