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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

Tribal Necklace Makings Kate Drew-Wilkinson


A long time ago I had a friend called Johnathan Swift Turttle (yes two t's ( Le Deux. He was a Miwok Medicine Man (Western Northern California) with an amazing history. We got involved in various local matters. Story too long.. But I collected some small items to make him a necklace but never made it. Here are some of them.. Hair pipe beads, small exquisite birds made from shell. even their little wings are cut into the surfaces. Tibetan Turquoise, two tiny old Chevron beads and some onyx oh and I see two tiny stars and two tiny trade beads, two tiny shell fish and some turquoise nugget beads. One of the birds dark, is sooo tiny. I see a wee piece of real coral too. Quite a special collection. For that collector of things mostly passed these days..

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