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Unikite and 14ct Gold Filled Doll Necklace

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This necklace is made with tiny 14 ct Gold Fill Figaro chain. I made the tiny clasp with 24 gauge gold fill wire because there aren't any to be found this small, and the Unikite beads are just over 4mm.3mm. I had to use tiny gold fill head pins and the findings too are small... I am told that 2mm gold fill rondels are no longer made. This is one of a series of samples I made when I wrote an article for the Lapidary Journal, April 1997 called "Fine Jewelry For Dolls". You can find a copy of it if you go to my web site, tap the "Kate's Articles" at the top left of the page...
You see, making something like this is just like making a normal sized necklace except that you need the finest round nose pliers.
I have kept this necklace and some others since 1997. The length of the chain is 7 inches. Each pendant is 9mm .

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