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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

Vintage Mursi Ethiopian Aluminum Trade Beads


5-6mm African Recycled Aluminum Beads - Ethiopian Metal Beads with Large Hole - 26 Inch Strand They are at least 30 years old and made from recycled pots and pans! Wonderful to use in design work. Always look closely at these beads when shopping. Some have sharp edges and look to me to be reproductions. They should have well work tiny bit of softness at their edges and be slightly pitted. I have long loved and used them in Tribal Jewelry design. Lovely large holes. I wonder how long we will be able to find these Ethiopian historical treasures...Now they are available, partly because they have traveled from Ethiopia to other parts of Africa over the years and are arriving here through those traders. They are very light weight.

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