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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

Washington World Bead Exp 1996 Memorabilia


There have only been three International Bead Conferences in the USA. The first was on the Queen Mary on Long Beach California in 1985. I went to it with my jewelry production partner at the time, Andrew Romanoff. It was wonderful and friends I made at the time are still my friends! There were no Lamp Work bead makers there because the movement had not begun. The Ring of Fire consisting of some of the very first USA Lamp work bead makers was not yet formed. The Second was "Trade and History: Second International Bead Conference, October 5-7, Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC." 1990 I taught a class on Wirework .That was where I first saw a contemporary Lamp Work necklace being worn by a smiling Patti Frantz! Brian Kirkvliet had some glass Phoenician heads in his pocket too..Memories.. That was where I first saw a lamp work bead being made by the famous Donovan Boutz. It changed my life. That is where i swore I would find a way to learn lamp working. I taught two classes at the Third International Bead Conference, also at the Mayflower Hotel and that is where I bought this pendant. I am destashing but it is a marvelous piece of memorabilia. I do not know who made it...

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