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Designed and Handcrafted in Bisbee, Arizona

Yoruba Gold Wash Necklace, Rare and Superb Kate Drew-Wilkinson


Antique Yoruba gold wash granulated brass bead necklace from the African trade. 20", graduated 5-7mm mm beads. 1920s. I have researched this piece and comparative others. This is without doubt the fines example I have been able to find, to my delight! I've tried to show you details. Please Google Yoruba gold wash... The beads in my necklace are exquisite. The clasp is classic, and then there are the three wonderful focal items. If you are a collector, this is the best you will find! It is even string in a sweet casual way.. I have not altered it in any way. I have owned it for decades. I had no idea it was so special until I researched it..This set of antique gilded Yoruba brass beads is rare. The beads can still be found but a complete piece like this is collectable and to be treasured! The workmanship of the Yoruba people of Nigeria is legendary and a closer look at these beads tells you why. Each bead has a middle seam. As I said, The added pendants and the two heart clasp add charm to this little necklace..

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